Monday, July 5, 2010

Did I mention Camp?

Today, Kathleen went off to camp for a week. I felt my heart tearing as I waved to the disappearing bus, bound for a gorgeous location on a lake, full of kids heading for water and activities and new friends and adventures galore...

I miss her ferociously.

But also, with both my mother and Kathleen gone today, I realized how tired I've been.

It is so very simple (comparatively) to take care of one son and a husband, instead of one son a daughter a mother and a husband.

Dinner was made, served and cleaned up from, in a flash. We ate at the breakfast island, where three, and only three, fit comfortably.

Alex, who's 14 now, took care of himself today, arising at noon, getting his own lunch (such as it was), reading and chatting with me through the afternoon, and basking in the absence of one kid sister.

There are so few demands, so much less noise and irritating chatter and clamoring needs shoved constantly in my face.

In fact, I think I'll really like it, adore it even, for...a day or two at best.

Then, I'll have to rethink how much I like this relatively empty house.

Because it sure doesn't feel right.

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