Monday, September 27, 2010


A few posts ago, I wrote about how September sucks.

Well, I now can go even further: it's sick.

At least, just about everyone around me is sick with a cold, that is. I hate it! Summer was just here! We were romping happily in the warm sunlight, swimming and sight-seeing and just enjoying good health and easy living.

Now this! It's simply brutal the way September descends...with its school stuff, and back-to-routine stuff, and shortening, cooling days.

My entire family is sick. Except for me. So that means I get to take care of everyone, and then, in all likelihood, become sick myself.

Not that I mind taking care of everyone. It's just that caring for sickos takes you into close proximity to the nasty virus that's causing all this misery. Damn you, virus!!!

Sicktember: great news for the makers of hand sanitizer, Kleenex and Tylenol cold medicine. Bad news for the human race.


  1. Sandwitch, I just want to say that in my family the same thing happens except that by the time the virus makes it to me, it has mutated into something much more nasty and debilitating. I would keep drinking the cocktails...maybe try a Neo Citron with vodka? Just an idea.

  2. Neo Citron with vodka would be, like, psychedelic man! :)