Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Subconsciously Stolen

I read many blogs. I've also written a few of my own blogs; once-upon-a-time, I even participated in a group blog, where several members contributed posts on various topics, as the urge took them.

I recently told all you masses of my readers that I've been checking out a new blog called Martinis for Breakfast.

And I just realized that in my last post, I "stole" some wording from that blog's author. I wrote that "September sucks," which I thought was cute and original.

But as I'd just read the Martini blog, in which the author wrote about "Sucktember" (now that is much better than "September sucks", of course), it's pretty clear that my befuddled brain just lifted the words, or the concept, for my own usage, and I gleefully posted away as if I were the brilliant mind behind such descriptive alliteration.

Luckily, Ms. Martini doesn't seem to mind. She read the "September sucks" post, and then, in a truly gallant gesture, not only did she refrain from slapping my literary hands for the theft, but she even commented on the post. Nicely.

How grand!

And take note, all you masses of readers, she is the *FIRST* commenter posting on my blog. I...(sob)...am...so.......moved...

How about following her lead, all you people?

C'mon! I know you're out there!


Hello.......? :)

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  1. Awwww, such a nice post. Honestly, when reading your post about September I was just relieved that there was someone else out there who felt as overwhelmed during this time of year as I do!