Monday, November 1, 2010

Ok, next?

Made it through Halloween. The costumes were all great, but tons of work, not to mention cash. Consumers spend almost as much on the spooky Halloween rituals as they do at Christmas.

Speaking of, now we swing into full-blast Christmas planning. Not only do I buy gifts for all my loved ones (and a few others), but for the last decade, I've also been buying gifts on my mother's behalf. Double duty.

As a person not overly fond of shopping, it sucks big-time. Further, Sally's birthday is a few days before Christmas, right at the busiest time of the month, when I'm frantically trying to get all the loose ends together.

I do enjoy baking, however, so it will be fun planning the slices and cookies and bon-bons, which I'll need to make up ahead of time, so they can rest, and improve, and rest, and improve even more. Especially the rum-soaked ones. If there's any rum left for baking.

I've been going through the stuff at a pretty rapid rate these days. Stress-reliever, you know.

Once Christmas is done, a veritable flurry of events follow, in this household.

New Year's Eve.
January: Alex's birthday.
February: Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary and my birthday.
March: The Ides! Beware!!! Spring break for the kids, too.
April: Anthony's birthday. Easter.
May: Kathleen's birthday, Mother's Day, Victoria Day weekend.
June: Father's Day. Oops, that doesn't count, because it's not something Anthony or I have to worry about any more. And of course, the many, many end-of-the-school-year parties, ceremonies, exams, etc., that will have us all thoroughly frazzled by the end of June. It never fails to amaze me how much celebrating and planning goes into all these events.

That's why we'll need July and August to recover. But the planning and logistical maneuvering required to get the summer vacation in tip-top order is exhausting, so I actually need September to recover.

But you know how September goes...busy, busy, busy with back-to-routine stuff.

I feel rather tired just looking at the list...

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