Monday, November 15, 2010

Where is my Head?

I realized just now that I forgot to blog one of the most important details from the chic birthday party we attended last week.

As you may recall, Sally's friend Willa was turning 90, and her daughter decided to celebrate that fact in style. My mother had been keenly anticipating the celebration, and running me ragged for the preceding month, getting every little detail about gifts and clothing just poifect.

But I was a tad worried that Sally might haul off and slap one of the party guests.

This part is complicated: pay attention, if you haven't already read my account.

About 6-8 years ago, I went to a dinner party at the same house, the well-appointed home of Willa's daughter. One of the dinner guests discretely felt up my rear end, while his wife sat innocently at the other end of the room. I ignored him, and he got the message.

Then, about 5 years ago, I told Sally the story.

Just this past summer, Sally suddenly and with absolutely no prompting, announced that a man had grabbed her voluminous butt at the very same dinner party. Not the guy who grabbed me, mind you, but another guest from that evening, Jim, who is the husband of a very good friend of mine.

We'd all been eating dinner together that night, and I'm QUITE sure that Sally wasn't remembering anything that actually happened to her. Instead, she'd appropriated my memory for herself, and substituted gropers in the process.

Now, I knew my friend Babs and hubby Jim would be at the party. I was worried that Sal would spot him and try to set him straight. Thankfully, she seemed to have no idea who he was, didn't speak to him, and certainly didn't make a scene, other than by getting quite smashed.

The really funny part about this little story is that the guy who actually did fondle my posterior was at the party as well, as was his wife who remembered me and said hello. I hadn't seen either of them since that fateful dinner party 8 years ago.

I think he remembered me. I caught a bit of a nervous tick in the way his eyes came to rest on me. I can see the most amazing things from the very, very corner of my eyes :)

My son once said to me he was thoroughly convinced I could see him when my back was completely turned. And he's not far wrong.

Anyway, there we were. Mr. Gropey Hands, his wife, me (and my buttocks) and Anthony, who knew all about Mr. G-H, because I'd told him.

I snuggled right up beside Anthony while Mr. G-H did his nervous tick thing. I have to admit, I was rather tickled that in my estimation, my husband was quite the best-looking man there. Anthony slung his arm tightly around my waist and we chatted and smiled and laughed up a storm.

Sometimes, these little events turn out just right. Poifect, in fact.

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