Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Brief Summary

I have not much time to write, so here's just a snapshot of our lives as they stand today:

-the entire main floor of the house is coated in a fine layer of dust, courtesy of the workman who proceeded to cut and sand  in our dining room, instead of the garage. 
-it's going down to -25 tonight. Reminds me of Winnipeg.
-Alexander is turning 15 in a few days. I remember the day he was born like the proverbial "yesterday."
-Ergo, I feel old. Well, old-ish.
-My mother saw Lorandro for her hair cut, and after Anthony praised her clip, she positively glowed and simpered and I swear there was a low trill in her voice as she thanked him for his compliment.
-Anthony's mother has called us a few times in the past week. Each call has been to ask for help: she's lost her purse (again), she can't figure out the letter that came in the morning mail, she's lost her bank card (again), etc. etc.
-Anthony went to see her to discuss these issues, and how she keeps calling him at work when he's busy, and to remind her that it's all inappropriate. She immediately attacked him for being selfish, and accused him (and me, apparently I'm quite the gold-digger) of trying to steal her money. Anthony tiredly told me this when he came home that night.
-the next day, Doris called me and asked to speak to Anthony. I informed her he was at work as would be the norm on a  weekday afternoon (she has no clue about dates).  She proceeded to ask me for his number (she's forgotten his work number of 20 years), and then told me what a lovely person I was, and how young my voice sounded. I'm so pleased.
-Kathleen is class president and says the school council meetings are keeping her busy. They've been discussing what kind of spirit days they might hold, including "gum and hat" day.
-I went both ice skating and downhill skiing in the past week. I'm pretty outdoorsy. At least, compared to Anthony.

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