Monday, January 24, 2011

Kids These Days

Many parts of Canada are under a deep freeze right now, including Kookytown. It's about -30 out there, a fact my son is determined to ignore.

Me: "It's -30 out there. Wear a hat and some gloves. Better yet...mitts."
Alexander: "Are you crazy Mom?"
Me: "I'm not the one walking out the door wearing summer clothing."
Alex: "Mom! Stop it! You are such a bully!"

And so it goes. He came home from school early today, dragging a frozen friend with him. They'd finished their exam early, and arrived here looking to play Call of Duty, an XBox game I don't want to discuss.

I noticed Alex's friend also had no hat, gloves or boots. They wear their puffy skateboarding Vans all year round. Including through three-foot-high snow drifts. Paired with ankle socks.

Meanwhile, Kathleen, at least, still takes my advice. This morning she wore tights under her pants, and took a thick scarf to protect her face in case of a wind. She always wears boots, mitts and a hat.

I can't wait until she, too, abandons sanity for adolescence.

Well, she's got the jump in one respect. She already plays COD like a pro, having learned from Alexander. They get on their headsets and she plays as part of his team, with the boys, who seem mildly impressed. Yep, that's my girl, a real killer :)

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