Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Up?

I don't know about you, but I feel like my head's in a whirl.

This is what it's like being me. I usually feel just about out-of-control. Hamster on the wheel, type-of-thing. Whoa, slow down, we're going to crash type-of-feeling.

I don't know, maybe that's what it's like being in mid-life, and it's a pretty full life, I think. I have the two kids, and their lives are very full. These days, just that alone means my life is busy. Parents nowadays have to be chauffeurs, gourmet cooks, expert project managers, life coaches and just nice people. No crap like our parents handed us.

On top of that, I have my mother. I won't harp about that right now. You've already heard me on the topic, ad nauseum.

Then, there's marriage (good, but some work, if minor), house (Jeez, what a lot of work!), assorted responsibilities (mortgage, kids RESPs, planning for vacations, RRSPs, TFSAs, all my mother's finances, and all of Anthony's mother's finances, income taxes coming up for filing, auto and house insurance, blah,blah,blah, you know the drill).

Add to this pile, the fact that I am self-employed and always going from one new contract to another. It's inevitably interesting, but often challenging and involving a steep learning curve. I find it harder and harder with every passing year to handle the stress of the constant change in my work environment.

I am about to take on a new contract again, but this one is easy: it's a place where I've worked before. I know most of the people, and the work. But it's still stressful, contemplating this realignment in my world, once again.

And then there's Anthony's mother; I feel like she, and her situation, is a pressure-cooker just waiting to explode. She should not be living in her home. She should be in some sort of assisted living situation. But she won't go, and prying her out against her will is not going to be pretty.

She has a brother and a sister here in Kookyville. They won't do it. It's all up to Anthony to worry about her and try to figure out how to keep her safe. Which makes her spit nails at him, of course. She is so paranoid, it's scary. Anthony is the only one who gives a hoot enough to try and help her. And that fact makes her venemous toward him.

Meanwhile, her other son just helps himself to her assets. But she likes him. Hmppphhh.....

So what I started out to say is, what's up? I mean, which end is up? That's how I feel these days.

I've got this feeling...something's gotta give...

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  1. Jeesh! That is EXACTLY how I've been feeling lately...overwhelmed! I feel like I've been running a study hall since we got back from a trip. The only answer I've been able to come up with is to work LESS. Now, if only I could swing it!