Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogging With Benefits

All right! I scored!

Tim Tams straight from the great Down Under, courtesy of Ms Martinis-for-Breakfast. This is what blogging's all about, I do declare: winning treats from other bloggers :)

And they are dee-lish. Won't last long around here.

OK (munch, munch). Just a real quick little update (slurp, munch).

Doris wandered off with her niece's child (what relationship is that?) a couple of weekends ago, whilst out for a stroll (with the little one's parents, no less).

But that Doris is a quick, sly one. She got away with the the 5-year-old and walked for miles. By the time the cops caught up with them, niece was frantic, and Doris and her charge were in central Kookytown, right outside the doors of the local legislature. Said cops were a might testy, according to Doris.

Of course, Anthony only found out about the event yesterday. No one told him for two weeks, least of all Doris. Or the frantic, if somewhat silly, mother. ( I say that because being a mother myself, I know the last person I'd leave my 5-year-old with would be Doris)

But yesterday, she confessed that she'd been hauled home by the police, and she was quite indignant over it.

Doris: "Why'd they (her niece and husband) call the police?"

Anthony: "Oh who knows. Worried sick that you'd disappeared in the crowds with their little girl, perhaps? Without telling them you were taking off? Maybe, ya think?"

Anthony was furious. He's been dealing with his mother's Alzheimer's Disease for two years now. No one else in the family helps. Doris won't budge out of her house. And the rest of them, well, they don't even seem to acknowledge that she is rapidly losing her mind. I mean, you just don't let Doris loose with a little child. Anything could have happenend, and it could have been bad.

But, this is life. And these are family dynamics.

At least, these are the family dynamics, in Anthony's clan.


  1. Wow! That is quite a story. And it makes me feel a whole lot better about the fact that I lost my Mom in the Bay Rideau : )

  2. Hee! Well, losing one's mom in the Bay Rideau is just about as good, to my mind. From my perspective, you should lose 'em wherever you can :)