Friday, March 18, 2011

A Top Ten List of Highlights...

Top ten attractions from my life in the past week:
  • It's spring break, and Anthony used a week's worth of holidays to stay home with my (our) kids. They went out for lunch and shot pool together, and he took them for their annual check-up with their pediatrician. Additionally, he made some meals, did some housework and picked me up/drove me to work when I asked. You can see why this is my #1 item.
  • My mother told me she had an appointment with the bank (another one!!!) but when I called to find out exactly when and why, they said she had no appointment.
  • My son bit me overly hard on the shoulder, albeit out of affection (I do believe?), causing me to shriek, causing Anthony to wince and tell me I was screaming too loudly, causing me to accuse him of a "blame-the-victim" mentality, causing some chilly moments, causing me once again to rethink and wonder why I ever had children.
  • Doris asked Anthony what she should give us for Christmas. She of course means last Christmas.
  • Sally went for a hair cut (a short 4 weeks since the last) because, she told me,  they'd done such a crappy job the last time around that she couldn't bear how it looked. "Why go back to a place that charges you $75 and doesn't do a good job?" I asked. No answer.
  • I keep finding the garbage in the recycling, the recycling in the cupboards and no sugar, orange juice or butter in their appropriate containers as they get used up, and never replaced. The electric cords for the fry pan and wok now reside (ie are crammed) in the tiny drawer where I keep oven mitts, because that's where my mother used to keep cords in her kitchen in the house where I grew up.
  • My fridge and freezer contain a dizzying assortment of bread bags, all containing the two heels of the bread. When I tried to throw some of these away recently, Sally gave me a filthy look and said "Oh, so YOU don't eat the ends of bread, eh?" 
  • I've been writing freelance articles in my "spare time" a lot lately. This, on top of a full-time job, and caring for an active family, is going to kill me.
  • I keep hitting my toes on the heavy boxes of backsplash tiles that we bought two months ago which are still sitting in the corner of the kitchen because the contractor changed his mind about when he could do the job.
  • the redwinged blackbirds are back in town, and singing up a storm in our backyard. Spring!

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