Monday, April 18, 2011

April Showers...are Irritating. Like Everything Else These Days.

April in Kookytown sucks a bit, I must say. At least it does this year.

It's been unseasonably cold, sleety and grey all month and it's starting to wear on everyone, I think. I recall that last year, Easter was at the beginning of the month and it was +30. This year, Easter is at the end of the month and the weather is predicted to be cool, rainy and perhaps even outright cold.


If spring would only spring! Many of my own personal trials seem to be hanging on like grim death, digging their irritating, jagged little claws into my eyeballs, or so it feels. Such as what Delia, you ask?

-just got an irritated, irritating call from the Chinese pharmacist who deals with my mother, poor man. She won't let me renew her prescriptions, so he has to deal directly with her. Being her daughter, I understand his rage.
-went out for dinner last night, and we took Mater along. I noticed how she wan't able to process much...our dinner hostess kept offering her too many options, and like a four-year-old, my mother became confused and silly in the face of having to make decisions. Tiny decisions (like nodding to indicate she understood that the main course was coming, and why yes! she was ready for spaghetti!), but decisions, none-the-less.
-with advent of warm weather (soon, please God), we've begun our annual battle to find tradespeople to carry out renovation tasks around our home. In Kookytown, you have 2 choices: hire anyone and pay through the nose, pay quadruple what it should cost, pay like someone is holding a gun to your head; or spend several years looking for, and waiting to actually show up, a contractor who isn't really ripping you off, but who is accordingly SO BUSY that he can't fit in all the customers clamouring for his talents. Kookytown is full to the brim with professionals, and short on trades and service people. Accordingly, we all fight for the right to throw money at these guys so we can get all the holes in our houses patched up.
-both Kathleen and Alex are home sick with niggling, irritating colds. Knowing me, I'll be next.
-Anthony and I DESPERATELY need to finalize July holiday plans, but can't seem to get our heads around all the details. I fear that before we know it, July will be here and we'll be spending our holidays glumly staring at the hobo shack in our back yard, thinking about all the yard work we'll be doing to fill the time, because we didn't get around to booking any fun stuff.

Did I say Blah?