Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June: Can We Just Get This Over With, Please?

June is the busiest month, just as September is the sickest/suckiest.

Here's why we will all be exhausted by the time June is over (and luckily, holidays will follow:)

-School is wrapping up, with all the tests, parties, ceremonies and general year-end busy-ness that entails;

-Kathleen, who is scheduled to the hilt with extra-curricular activities, must also wind-down with events like THREE days in a row (WHY, I ask?)of dance dress rehearsals and performances, and a Royal Conservatory piano exam to really add to the load;

-Anthony's  workplace is on strike. As Anthony is part of the non-unionized staff, he is crossing picket-lines and gritting his teeth. Stress, anyone?

-both kids have caught the flu. Who gets the flu in June? That's supposed to happen in Sicktember, not now;

-I've made arrangements for Sal to stay in a luxurious retirement residence over the summer. But the hard part awaits: getting her ready, and then getting her there. And making her stay. Lord help me.

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