Monday, June 27, 2011

Ready, Set...

Our holidays are almost upon us.

Alexander has finished his grade 9 classes, and Kathleen has only a couple more days of grade 7 to go. Then, we head off on adventure.

My mother will be staying in a posh seniors residence while we come and go throughout the summer. She's to return to us mid-August.

Helping her prepare for this change has been as irritating as I predicted, although I've tried  a new tack this year. Every time she obsessively asks me the same questions over and over, day in and day out, instead of answering her, I just say: "You don't need to worry about that. We'll take care of everything."

It calms her for perhaps an hour. Then she starts again:

"I need to put these GICs in the safe deposit box."
"Are you sure there is enough money in my chequing account?"
"What about towels? Will this place have towels?"

Every little detail that enters her head becomes a mountain. She was up "all night" last night (according to her) thinking about all the details. And in truth, all she need do is place a few items of clothing of her choice, into a suitcase. That's it.

Anthony and I have and will do all the rest. We got cash for her. We topped up her chequing account. We picked up all sorts of yummy goodies for her to munch on while at the residence. We've left all our contact numbers with the staff there. We will fetch her suitcase tomorrow and I've done all her laundry, which can be placed into it. We will get her a few bottles of good wine as well.

She need not think about a thing. But that's all she does. Thinks, over thinks, obsesses and becomes shaky and confused. She won't stop. It makes me quite sad.

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