Thursday, June 2, 2011

Which Way the Wind Blows

 It turned hot recently in Kookytown, a blessed relief from the crummy cold spring weather we've been experiencing.

My thoughts fly to summer. We're almost there. I can't believe another year has zoomed by.

Dealing with my mother is almost becoming routine. To that end, I recently booked a 6-week stint for her in a local seniors residence, over July and half of August. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

So here's today's top ten of thoughts occupying the uppermost space in my brain:

(1) the weather is downright weird. Freezing cold one day, sweltering the next. It's so windy today, I'm worried that Kathleen will get blown away walking home from school.
(2) weather weirdness or not, summer is almost here! We've booked ten days of travel, a further week of cottage time, and a long weekend of camping.
(3) THEN, Anthony and I will more-or-less get two weeks of  "alone-time" in August, while the kids are with their father, and my mother is still at the residence (hopefully, unless she hitchhikes home, which I wouldn't put past her).
(4) Did I mention I'm drooling?
(5) My work contract is done, and I'm free, more-or-less, for the summer, from the constraints of slogging somewhere to labour for the man (actually, it was a woman in this case, but it's a saying, right?).
(6) Ergo, I am likewise income-free, but not too worried about that for now. Did I mention it's summer!? I'm content to let the wind blow me around, willy-nilly, wherever it pleases for the next few months.
(7) An old Winnipeg friend recently contacted me. She is the only person I know, other than myself, who's been married three times. Maybe it's something in the water there.
(8) she has reminded me what an incredibly difficult task it is to remarry and try to combine households. She had a daughter from her second marriage. Her third husband has two boys from his first marriage. Together, they had another girl. So there are four kids with them, plus two really miserable, mean exes. Whew.
(9) I will have to break the news to my mother about staying in the retirement residence. It won't be easy. I'm going to put it off as long as I can.
(10) I just sat down and reread this entire blog. Boy, do I ever talk a lot about (a) my mother and (b) drinking. You'd think I was stressed out or something.


  1. You might just want to break the news to your mom with a stiff drink in hand. For her and for you! Good luck!

  2. Now you see, this is what I've been talking about! This blog is all about complaining about my mother, and drinking. And more complaining. And more drinking. Tell you what - if you concoct some sort of "Break the Bad News" drink in honour of my situation, I'll never complain about complaining again!;)