Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why Our Health Care System is Gone to Hell

A couple of days ago:

Sally: "I have a podiatrist appointment coming up..."

Me: Sigh. (this means I must get my mother to the local hospital. Yes, you read that right. She gets her toenails clipped, courtesy of our lovely medical system, for nothing. Every month. In a hospital. Since 1943, if you ask her, but I think that's the kookiness talking. I figure it's more like 1973).

Anthony: "Again?"

Sally: "Of course. They need it. Delia, you will take me there?"

Me: "Sigh."

Long pause.

Anthony: "Boy, I wish someone would cut my toenails." (so do I, actually, but I digress)

I know he said it to make light of the topic. But Sal took it to heart, of course.

Sally: "Anthony! You should call my podiatrist! It will be free! Your insurance will cover it, I'm sure!"

Anthony: "Mrlghelwrhf;sdljf......"

Anthony had really done it. Sally is nothing if totally obsessive, these days. Once mentioned, she won't drop it.

Sal: "Really! Call your insurer! You should go! They'll cut your toenails! For free!"

Sally's version of "for free" actually means "everyone else who has actually worked hard and paid a lot of taxes will pay into this system and then I will get my toenails clipped, for no apparent reason, for free. Wheeeee!!!!!"

My mother isn't obese (well, OK she is). But she's not really obese. Just borderline obese. She's always been like that. She doesn't have diabetes. But she's had her toenails clipped at the hospital, for the last 40 years, because she whined about having to bend over, for so long, to a bunch of medical people who couldn't take her whining anymore (I'm guessing here, but why else would she be able to get a prescription for a free pedi every month, without a valid medical reason?), that they gave in and wrote her a ticket to ride. Or a ticket to clip, more appropriately, I guess.

Only in Canada, I say.

Anyway, Sal was on a roll, and kept urging Anthony. He kept trying to convince her that his insurance would NOT pay for him to get his toenails clipped at the hospital.

They finally separated, by mutual consent, after each realized the other would never believe the point(s) trying to be made.

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