Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Carrots in the Cupboard, and Other Silliness

I found a bag of carrots tucked into a kitchen cupboard today.

The cupboard in question is not one I often open, so I'm darn glad I found that bag before it started turning into a science experiment gone bad.

I know what happened. Yesterday, my mother peeled a couple of carrots for our dinner. Then she put the bag into the cupboard, instead of returning it to the fridge. Why that particular cupboard, or any cupboard at all, we'll never know.

It reminds me of an episode with Anthony's mother (now safely abiding in the "retirement" residence, thank God) that occurred a couple of years ago.

Anthony had dropped in on Doris, and detected an almighty unpleasant odour in her house. After some searching, he detected the source of the stench.

Doris had deposited a cod in the cupboard. Naturally, a cod in the cupboard will start to smell, and smell BAD, in just about no time. Yet she hadn't noticed anything amiss.

Neither, for that matter, had dear brother John, who was freeloading off her at that time.

So, Carrots and Cod, all in the Cupboards. Sounds like a good ol' Maritime song, if you ask me.

Or maybe it's just the sign of neurons backfiring, way off in the depths of certain brains..........

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