Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We've Gone to the Dogs

Clearly, I am frazzled. You can tell by the fact that I never post anything anymore.

Here's my top ten of what's happened in the last two months, just to update you really, really quickly:

(1) my mother returned to live with us after our summer holidays.
(2) August ended, kids got back to school, we all got used to living together again. Not a particularly pretty process, but we did it, and no one died.
(3) one day, Anthony's uncle called to say that he'd discovered Doris, Anthony's mother,  had invited a homeless man to live in her house. Said guy, no longer homeless, was sleeping in her bed, while poor, demented Doris was snoozing on the couch. Uncle took pix of the two of them taking tea from the Royal Doulton china set.
(4) Uncle took Doris off to The Labrador for what was undoubtedly her last family reunion there. While visiting, he had to lock her in her room at night to keep her from wandering out the door and into the sea.
(5) Creepy brother John kept calling Anthony to ask how to get homeless guy out of the house.
(6) After John failed to evict homeless guy, Anthony and I had to attend. We tried asking him nicely to leave, and when that failed, we then called the police to help us remove the squatter. The guy was not happy. Anthony and I spent all weekend cleaning the remains from the the house and yard trashing that had occurred due to homeless man's indelicate habits. I was not happy.
(7) Upon return from The Labrador, Uncle and Anthony deposited Doris safely in a locked Alzheimer's ward at a private facility, where she will finally be safe and well-fed. Turned out the family reunion was the only way they were able to shoe-horn Doris out of her ramshackle house, so there is a silver lining, I guess.
(8) While all this went on, we decided to buy a puppy.
(9) What the hell was I thinking?
(10) the kids' schedules are insane: drama classes, Ultimate (frisbee, I call it) practices, piano and voice lessons, and endless piles of homework. On top of it all, a peeing, yowling, frisky, chewy, nippy, barky, high-energy puppy has now taken over the house.

What the hell was I thinking?

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  1. WOW. Seriously - I don't think a writer for a TV drama could make this shit up! You could write for a tv show to pay for the vet bills! I am glad to hear that Doris is safe, though!