Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dog Dentist, Part II

So here's our lovely little lady, Pepper. She is now just over four months old. She still has those cracked teeth.

As Jen commented on the last post, why not go for a second opinion regarding the need to pull a couple of puppy teeth, for about $1700?

I do know people who take their pets to "country vets," looking for some sort of rational opinion as to exactly what is needed to keep the animal healthy and happy.

Jen, good suggestion! I did something else first, though. I took Peps to a vet located in a different neighborhood of Kookytown.

Now, this vet is located on the other side of the tracks if you get my drift, in a part of Kookytown known as Valier.

And you know what? The Valier vet said Pepper's teeth were just fine. No dental work required at all.

Valier Vet: "Yes, I see the cracked tooth."
Me: "Does it need extraction?"
VV: "Extrac...what?"
Me: " Should it come out?"
VV: "Ho ho ho! Why no! Whatever would give you such a silly idea? It's going to fall out in a month!"
Me: "But isn't she in pain?"
VV: (holding down Pepper who is trying to lick the vet to death) Doesn't seem to be. Ho! Whatever gives you the idea she's in pain?
Me: "But what about the infection?"
VV: "No infection. The pulp of the tooth is exposed. But the nerve has already died in preparation for the adult tooth to soon come in."
Me: "But ISN'T SHE AT RISK?" (the ominous threat mouthed by the last vet)
VV: "Of what?"
Valier Vet was now looking at me a bit curiously.
VV: "Look, you could remove the teeth. If this were your child, you might want to do that. Might. But instead, I've advise you to save your money and go out for dinner! Haaaa!!"

Ha ha ha, indeed.

Valier vet charged me $62 for the office visit.

So Jen, I may just seek out a country vet, for a third opinion. After all, to go from "OMG YOUR DOG IS GOING TO DIE YOU NEED TO EXTRACT THE TEETH YOU NEED TO GIVE ME $1700 TO EXTRACT THE TEETH," to "Nice dog. In good health. No work needed," is slightly disconcerting.

But then again, I may not bother. I'll be too busy going out for dinner :)

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  1. Well, if this was the public service, and the 'chipped tooth file' had to go out for an RFP, your friendly neighbourhood finance officer would probably tell you to get a minimum of 3 bids. But since this is not the public service, you might want to just take the Valier Vet's recommendation and go out for dins! Or some martinis - that would be my only advice : )