Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reading/Writing (and 'Rithmetic)

I should be reading. I joined that book club. Our first book to read is When She Woke, by Hillary Jordan. I'm perhaps one-quarter through it.

But I'm not feeling too interested, so reading it is a bit like homework. I'd rather write, any day!

When I think of the books I've read that I couldn't put down, this book pales. But it's hard to find books like Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin, or E. Annie Proulx' The Shipping News, or Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres. And then there's Pride and Prejudice, hand's down the book I've read the most times over (as an adult). Need I mention Barney's Version?

I couldn't even tell you the number of times I read, and reread books as a child. Books like Anne of Green Gables (and all that followed), Black Beauty (I still remember how the pages smelled!), The Black Stallion series, and all the Lad of Sunnybrook adventures. Not to mention Beany Malone. But I'm showing my age.

Now those are books. When I read A Thousand Acres, it was like a revelation to me. That such simple, straightforward writing, such simple words, could convey such intensity, could make me understand the depth of what the characters felt, was boggling.

And Margaret Atwood is a genius, nothing more to say.

It's interesting that movies were made of both The Shipping News, and A Thousand Acres. The movies don't come close to the books, although I did find The Shipping News in movie format somewhat entertaining.

I'll have to search far and wide for a book that will be worthy of reading, when it comes my time to pick for the book club.

I've also been doing some math tonight. My son put his iPod up for sale on Kijiji, and within 1/2 hour he had an interested person who just came by the house, looked at the thing for about 30 seconds, then handed Alexander $150.

I've already popped the funds electronically into Alex's bank account.

My, times have changed since I was Alex's age, and baby-sat for an entire evening, only to receive $3.

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