Monday, February 13, 2012

Wedded Bliss

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary with hubbie #3. If you believe things come in 3's, then I guess I'm due for one more nice occurrence today :)

Champagne with laundry, perhaps?

What can I say?

I do know one other person who's been married three times. But other than her, I'm out on a limb here as far as friends in the same situation: Anthony just LOVES cracking his fave joke about it whenever he can. The one about how much I like being married.

I must, he says. After all, I keep on doing it.


Anyway, it's Monday. Tonight is laundry night. That's how we'll celebrate.

But I don't mind. My life is so blessedly full, I haven't even time to do little things like celebrate personal milestones.

But I figure I've got about 5 more years at high-speed. And then, my mother will be gone, either to another residence or another plane of existence. And both Alexander and Kathleen will be off to University or globe-trotting, or whatever.

I get the very strong sense that Alexander will go to another city for university. And Kathleen may or may not follow suit, but in any event, in five years, she won't be needing me hanging over her shoulder. Nor wanting it, I bet.

So that's when I'll celebrate personal milestones. Right now, I'm too busy enjoying life. And laundry.

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