Friday, March 9, 2012

If It's Friday, It Must Mean... goodness, has an entire week fled? Indeed.

And due to popular demand (Ok, one person), I have to really up the ante on your Friday Fright Pictures, which I introduced in order to make you as sea-sick as I constantly feel in this, my Kookytown Government Work "Environment."

Git yer popcorn and settle in.

So, when last we met, I showed you the juxtaposition of fraggly green striped carpet, with purple-grey cabinets, meeting the motley mutations of the purple/pink/violet "walls" (quotation marks R us) in my death-pod cubicle.

How can you top that, Delia? (you are thinking this, and with good justification).

I'll start gently:

Once you can stop shielding your eyes, what you will see is the introduction of yet another colour: teal, as I like to call it. Almost a robin's-egg blue. And why not, I ask? After all, clearly, the people who brought you this interior decorating scheme obviously thought why not?

Now, in review, we have vomit-violet (fabric cube "walls"), purple-grey (cabinets), green, black and beige (fraggly carpets) and NOW, TEAL. The teal shows up here and there, as cabinets, the odd wall painted not white or gray, but teal, and in the kitchenette (that's an entire other episode), teal appears in a variety of ways. I can't wait to show you that, but I digress.

Let's take another look:

Here you see a teal door (yes, we have the odd teal doors, here and there, scattered about as if some mad, colour-blind artist ran amok down the halls). Isn't it lovely? Especially when placed next to a purple cabinet,  perched nicely on the fraggly green striped carpet, and finished off BEAUTIFULLY, I might add, by the stunning addition of a vomit-violet fabric "wall."

As a treat (I've been saving this!), you'll notice something new in the above "wall," something I've been too kind to show you prior to now. Yes. It is the pink STRIPE running across the middle of the vomit-violet "wall." Isn't that "something?"

Well, because I sense you are nearing your limits, and I am, at heart, a kind person, I will show you just ONE MORE PICTURE. It's a doozy, so hold onto your seats. And your stomachs.




I knew you weren't ready. There it is. Full glory. The close-up of the pink (really livid, isn't it? Almost like my dog's tongue after she's eaten some God-forsaken food-colour-dyed rawhide strip) show-cased against ALL the AFOREMENTIONED HUES, TONES, COLOURS, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM...well, it really knocks one's socks off, doesn't it?

And not in a good way.

So, here I am, sockless in my cell cube, just waiting for my prison term contract to end. Have a great weekend, and pray for me.

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