Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Friday Fright

So, one week ago today, I showed you my *lovely* cubicle walls. I promised more, and I always deliver on my promises.

Here is the carpeting in my cubicle, and in fact, throughout the building:

Now, in and of itself, this carpet design is way up there in the "uglysphere." But when you pair it with the cubicle "walls," the combined effect far transcends anything I could hope to convey in words. Even gross, over-the-top descriptive words. Here you go:

Stellar, no? But let's take a closer look:

I know, I know, green is supposed to go with "everything," right? After all, in the great outdoors, green is the backdrop for a dazzling array of colours. You could, for example, allow your eyes to repose upon a flower with green leaves not unlike the tone of yon carpeting. And that flower might well be adorned with purple petals of a hue quite close to the violet shade so nauseatingly portrayed in my cube "walls" (I refuse to ever drop the quotation marks from around the word "walls").

So why do I complain, you ask?

BECAUSE the FLOWER WOULD LOOK GOOD, that's why. What procurist-from-hell for the Kookytown government thought the above combo of purple and green LOOKED GOOD?

I think I'm within my rights here, people, to complain ALL I WANT.

Ok, since it's Friday, I'll give you ONE MORE picture to REALLY MAKE YOUR WEEKEND:

Yes. After choosing the wall fabric and the carpet colour/design, procurement went finally, irrevocably and viciously straight for the jugular. They installed PURPLE CABINETS. As I've mentioned before, not pretty purple. Purple mixed with grey. Purple to kill yourself by.

I have nothing more to say. I'm exhausted just from reviewing the whole God-awful mess.

Have a good weekend, and don't forget to appreciate your own carpet, because it simply CAN'T be as bad as this.

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