Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Ol' Entrepreneurial Spirit

I don't have time to write much. I just couldn't resist telling you about this, though:

A couple of days ago, Anthony's free-loading brother called our house. I hate it when he does. I heard Anthony having a bit of back-and-forth with him, and then he stepped outside and closed the patio door. So the rest of us couldn't hear.

Quick review: Anthony's been trying to get his mother's ramshackle house in order for sale. But John has been living there for free, and then he was placed under house arrest for a few months, stymieing Anthony's attempts to move forward on the sale.

However, also a few months ago, John told Anthony that he knew someone interested in buying the place. Who is this someone, Anthony asked? (not wanting to get involved with John's typical criminal friends).

Oh, just someone I know, John replied. Someone John had actually been working for, under the table, we think. Anyway, amazingly enough, the guy has called periodically, evincing interest in buying the house.

And last week, he, the potential buyer, told John he had his financing in order.

So, the reason John called a couple of days ago? Well, to announce that he thought he should get a percentage of the house sale proceeds. Like a real estate agent. Because he "found" this buyer.

Needless-to-say, Anthony told him that would not be happening. In no uncertain terms.

But once again, I am absolutely f***ing pissed off amazed at the blatant gall entrepreneurial wherewithal of Anthony's fine, hard-working bro.

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