Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Week

To do list this week:

(1) Respond to an RFP (request for proposals) for a writing/editing contract. This is a huge job that I'll have to tackle with my business partner and some associates we're bringing on board for this proposal;

(2) Meet with the editor of a prestigious publication to discuss the possibility of snagging a six-month writing gig with the Kookytown-based organization that puts out this journal;

(3) Rent a van and load said van with my mother's furniture. Deliver same to her.

(4) Before that, pick up the items on a list of things she wants (face cream, goodies, etc.) and drop off at the same time we deliver her furniture. Also, give her her God-damned elastic stockings, which she continues to harass me and the staff at the residence about, every day.

(5) Continue bagging garbage and sorting through the incredible mess at Anthony's mother's house. We started on the weekend, but only got 2 bedrooms more or less emptied. We will try to put everything we can curbside on every successive garbage disposal day to gradually empty the place. Last weekend, I placed a Kijiji ad that invited people to come and haul off furniture for free (most of it is junk, or broken-down). That worked well and we got rid of the dining table, several chairs and a sideboard.

(6) Try to find the time and energy to go through over a year's worth of my mother's medical receipts, in order to claim on her insurance. She had always done this for herself, but apparently she stopped about 18 months ago, never saying a word to anyone, until we found the piles of receipts. It's a significant amount of money, so I'll have to try to tackle it sooner or later. She is too confused to do it any more.

(7) Find a podiatrist who will go to my mother every month to tend to her tootsies. This may be easier said than done.

(8) Continue to develop a plan around organizing a 25-year reunion for next spring. Why did I decide to do this? It will mean meeting university officials who will help plan the event, tracking down lost colleagues, and undoubtedly endless hours on the computer. Luckily I have a former class-mate willing to help out.

(9) Haul myself and my son to the clinic for our monthly allergy shot. 

(10) Deal with the usual household stuff. You know: groceries, laundry, cleaning, dog-walking, back-to-school details for the kids, relating to the contractors who showed up last week, painted half-the-front-of-the-house, and then left, much to the amusement of our neighbors, banking (on my own, and my mother's behalf), meal preparation....................AAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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