Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pepper the Pooch

I just noticed that I had listed Pepper, our dog, as a "zany puppy" in the description of this blog's cast of characters.

I've changed that to "our standard poodle," because Peps is no longer a puppy, although she is definitely still zany.

Here she is, in all her fuzzy wuzzy glory.

Pepper will be two years old soon, which means she's just about grown out of teenager-dom, in dog terms. Phew!

Dog ownership is a world unto itself, as any dog owner will tell you. So is cat ownership...and I imagine owning something like a rabbit entails some work and adaptation, as well. Now hamsters....they just don't have much impact on one's life. I speak from experience.

Not like dogs and cats do anyway, for sure. Peps is high energy, highly intelligent (in dog IQ) and high-and-mighty. She's the queen-in-waiting around here, and knows it. By that, I don't mean she's the dominant pack leader of the house. That's me.

But she is coddled and loved and petted and cared for to first-world standards, and she seems to know it. What a princess. She will jump through a hoop, sit, shake a paw, lie down, roll over and stay. But will she eat her dry dog food?

Will she tolerate her minions when they attempt to bathe her?

Will she refrain from terrorizing the neighbor's cats?

No. These are her royal rights.

What a gal.

I exercise Peps every day, off leash, so that she can run and jump and hunt squirrels and hop in the lake/river and roll in the green, green grass: in other words, do all the things that first world dogs expect to do.

She's in way better shape than either Anthony or me, as befits the athletic critter that she is. Poodles were originally bred as hunting, herding and retrieving dogs. Peps shows all those keen instincts and would retrieve a ball smartly almost before she could untangle her puppy paws to chase after it. She attempts to herd anything moving, including me, resulting in a lot of tripping and swearing.

And she has a pronounced, quite vicious prey drive. Thus I fear for our neighbor's cats, who seem to have lost any inborn instincts around their own vulnerabilities. They prance across our lawn, just begging for Peps to scoop them up with her gleaming fangs and eat them.

Anthony has had to forcibly pull Pepper off one of these felines when it strolled into our backyard while the princess was loose.

Anyway, I just thought I'd update you about the 5th member of our current household configuration. Puppy she is no more. Big trouble...yes, that's more like it.

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