Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So Put on a Happy Face

I wrote about the Blue Skies Music Festival three years ago. At that time, the labels I attached to the post included things like: "camping, exhaustion, magic and music."

All these labels still apply. At the festival, you camp on site (in rural Ontario) for  4 days and attend music-related workshops during the day, while listening to musicians perform at night.

Here's a shot of the main stage this year.

It is a pretty magical time. It is also very tiring. The bands are, well, loud, as bands should be. This year, they performed until 3 in the morning on some nights. You cannot sleep while this is going on. And of course, with at least 2000 people all camping quite closely together, you can't sleep in late, either. Babies start fussing at dawn, people stay up all night to jam around campfires, and teenagers run amok at just about any hour of the day or night.

One is lucky to get 3-4 hours of straight sleep at any time.

Kathleen and Alex love Blue Skies. That's why Anthony and I go...to allow the kids to enjoy the experience.

But Anthony and I have grown too old for camping. We hate it. It's noisy, cold, dirty and we always seem to get damp right through, especially when it pelts rain all night, as it did this year.

So we decided this year was to be our last camping experience. Next year, Alex will be 18, and thus old enough to camp on his own. I will gladly drop him off at Blue Skies and let him stay for the long weekend, probably with some buddies to camp along with.

Kathleen can go during the day, on a day pass, and hang around with her brother and his friends. Again, I'll gladly pick her up at the end of each day, then drive a few short miles to a HOTEL, where I will sleep on a real bed, then arise, refreshed, to take a hot shower and eat a breakfast cooked and served by others.


So that's our plan, and we'll stick to it if we can.

Blue Skies is looking fun again, seen from that perspective :)

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  1. I have never been a camper, much to my younger daughter's chagrin. Thankfully she has had lots of opportunities through her summer camp, and she is now getting to an age where she and a group of friends are starting to organize their own camping ventures. Four of them spent last weekend tenting at a campsite near her friend's family cottage, and I didn't have to lie on the ground once!